Consultation Gallery

I love how subjective art is. There is no “right way” to look at art, think about it, or buy it. It’s part becoming educated, part knowing your budget, and part confidence.  My approach is always educational and illuminating, never dull or stuffy. Of utmost importance to me is for you to be comfortable and completely confident in your decisions. There’s a lot of great art out there — together, we will find exactly what you like.  — Harriet

Personal Collections

Personal collections can begin anywhere. Maybe you have inherited a significant piece or collected various objects on travels, own a vintage Eames that needs something above it, or you really are staring at four blank walls. Collection building happens piece by piece. So it really doesn’t matter where you start, it’s where you’re going that matters. Is art a good investment?  Click here to read NPR story: “The Art of Investing.”

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Art doesn’t always hang on walls.
As seen here in the Jessee McGarrah Building in Austin, TX.


Corporate Collection Services

Corporate clients are looking to complete their space in an interesting way. They often want to project a positive and reflective image of their business that can’t be made with just a sofa and rug. Purchasing art certainly accomplishes this goal; it elevates the space, and the entire environment, to a new level. It also is a way for corporations and businesses of all sizes to support the arts and the livelihoods of artists.

To schedule your complimentary corporate consultation, contact Harriet at 713.202.0024.