Eric Forstmann

I met Eric Forstmann over the weekend at the Houston Fine Art Fair.  He is a warm, intelligent, interesting, and extremely talented artist.  He works 80 hours a week in his studio in Sharon, Connecticut.  The result is a body of work that is meticulously painted; they emerge as images of great beauty.  His work is widely collected, and his fame is growing.  It is a real honor to be in the presence of exceptional talent, and witness what will surely be a remarkable career.

His medium is oil on board, and the work is classically rendered in the tromp l’oeil style (an art technique that uses realistic objects to create an optical illusion).  In the case of the hanging shirts, they also reflect the effects of light on the same subject at different times of day. This was famously first done in the 19th century by French artist, Claude Monet – he of the haystacks, and Rouen Cathedral fame.  Mr. Forstmann subjects are charming and somewhat disarming in their whimsy, but together with his limited tonal palette, he creates an elegant composition.

His work starts around $20,000 and goes up from there, sizes are varied but range from 15″x18″ to 24″x 16″.  He is represented by Eckert Fine Art in Millerton, NY – the owner, Jane Eckert, has an eye for talent.



ForstmannSevenShirtsv2PrintImage ForstmannFiveat245pm


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One Response to “Eric Forstmann”

  1. Suzy Landa September 23, 2013 5:27 pm

    Absolutely would love to own one of his extraordinary pieces!!! They are so fresh and beautiful,yet very artistic-at first I thought they were photographs. Love this artist–what a good find Harriet!