Hunt Slonem

Hunt Slonem is quite a character living and working in a large studio in New York City – complete with an aviary.

Aviary in Mr. Slonem's NYC studio

Aviary in Mr. Slonem’s NYC studio

I met him while his work was on exhibit at Gremillion Gallery in Houston.  Both he and his work are full of marvelous vitality.  Cardinals, cockatoos, monkey eyes, butterflies, and rabbits permeate his canvases.  The repetition of these creatures is sublime and creates a mystical quality that surely takes influence from his time in tropical Hawaii, Nicaragua and Mexico, and soulful Louisiana.  His paint is thick and rich in a way that celebrates color and texture.  The effect of the repetition is truly spiritual in nature.   On display at Gremillion was a large scale work with rows and rows of pink, orange, and red cardinals.  I felt like it was painted for me.  That’s the thing – Mr. Slonem is capable of creating art of universal appeal, but with a personal connection.  There was another painting of birds that seemed to be painted for a quiet space with fewer birds and muted earth tones.  His work is spectacular.

His prices range from $4,500 for a single rabbit to upward of $40,000 depending on image and scale.

Mr. Slonem’s work has been collected by over seventy institutions, including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York; the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; and the Wurth Museum, Kunzelsau, Germany – to name a few.

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