Meet Harriet

Harriet Alexander has been connected to the art world for more than 25 years. Beginning with a degree in art history, she then worked at Sotheby’s, New York, and eventually worked as an interior designer for an architectural firm outside of Boston.  These experiences provide her with an understanding of the artist, the value of a work of art, and the importance of placement of art in a particular space.  Harriet believes there is a natural connection between art and design.  Her trained eye and innate awareness for what a client might like will help facilitate that connection.  Relaxed and skilled, Harriet’s goal is to make your art purchasing a pleasing and thoughtful experience. She wants you to be confident in your acquisitions and to choose pieces that will have a lifelong aesthetic power in your space.

Both novice and seasoned collectors can appreciate Harriet’s fresh, easy-going flair to art advisory in Houston. Contact her at 713 202 0024 or click on contact page to set up your complimentary consultation.